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Engineering Recruitment for Aerospace & Defense

We combine a hands-on approach with advanced AI to deliver top engineering talent at supersonic speed.

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TRACT leverages its extensive knowledge and enthusiasm to assist clients in securing top engineering talent. From innovative Space startups to established giants in the Defense sector, we cater to all your needs.

Aviation & Aerospace

Our specialized recruitment in Aviation & Aerospace connects innovators and industry leaders with top-tier talent. We focus on advanced skills and experience, ensuring your organization leads in technological advancement and market presence.


In the rapidly evolving Space Industry, our talent acquisition services are tailored to meet the needs of space technology and research pioneers. We link your projects with engineering professionals passionate about space exploration, driving your mission forward with the right expertise.


Our defense sector recruitment is dedicated to sourcing individuals with advanced technological skills and a strong understanding of national security. We provide your team with professionals committed to innovation in defense technology and military strategy, ensuring robust and secure future operations.

Recruiters Chart the Course, AI Fuels the Journey

Our AI transforms our recruiters into Superhumans, laser-focused on enhancing candidate and client experience.


TRACT is building the first modern recruiting firm for the Aerospace & Defense industry, pairing the industry's top engineering talent with patented technology.

Led by Serial Founders

Guided by serial founders with a zeal for tackling monumental challenges, our team is a fusion of innovation and aerospace expertise. We're not just problem-solvers; we're industry disruptors, dedicated to redefining the skies with groundbreaking solutions. Our founders, seasoned in navigating the complex terrain of defense and aerospace, bring a unique blend of daring ingenuity and strategic foresight. Driven by a passion for pioneering change, we're constantly charting new courses, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in aerospace and defense. At our core, we're about transforming the conventional into the extraordinary, propelling the industry forward with disruptive innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Built with AI & ML

TRACT's AI and ML-driven platform is a game-changer, meticulously analyzing data from 400M candidates, 45M companies, and 35M open jobs to pinpoint the perfect match for your unique needs. Our machine learning prowess extends beyond mere skill matching; it delves into a comprehensive human risk intelligence system, scanning millions of data points across criminal, financial, and online histories. This ensures every candidate aligns not only with the technical demands of the role but also with your company's culture and security standards. From legal histories encompassing criminal records and global watchlists to social footprints across major platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, and even personal details like employment and education history, our system, Sherlock, leaves no stone unturned. In just a few hours, TRACT identifies and vets thousands of potential hires, offering a curated shortlist that guarantees a seamless integration of skill, cultural fit, and security into your team. With TRACT, elevate your talent acquisition to new heights, ensuring a harmonious balance of skill and cultural alignment, fortified by rigorous background checks and a keen eye for mitigating human risk.

Obsessed with Customer Experience

At the core of our ethos, the TRACT team, a tight-knit group of passionate aerospace and defense enthusiasts, is utterly obsessed with delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Our commitment goes beyond standard service; we dive deep into one-on-one partnerships with our clients, understanding the unique intricacies of their needs in this dynamic industry. Available 24/7, we stand ready to tackle any challenge, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in our quest to fill open roles with the industry's best talent. Our dedication is unwavering – whether it's navigating complex requirements or adapting to evolving demands, we do whatever it takes to ensure our clients' success. With TRACT, you're not just gaining a service provider; you're partnering with a team as committed to your mission as you are, ensuring that every candidate we place is not just a fit, but a strategic asset to your team.



Our clients hire 3X faster on average compared to other hiring channels.


Candidates sourced by TRACT for every role.


Hiring managers and recruiters interview 80% of the candidates we submit.

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