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Boost tenant quality and safeguard rental income through advanced data analytics, effectively eliminating application fraud and slashing eviction rates. Gain access to valuable insights that offer a deep dive into an applicant's qualifications, ensuring a more secure and profitable screening process.

Maximize your applicant-to-tenant conversion rate and rental earnings through efficient screening and reduced overhead. Automate screening to free your team from manual tasks, while significantly cutting down on application fraud and eviction rates.


Provide applicants with a frictionless screening process, ensuring full transparency of their information before submission. This streamlined approach not only accelerates the journey to tenancy but also enhances applicant confidence and satisfaction, paving the way for a positive and direct tenant experience.


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We swiftly authenticate and verify global ID documents, ensuring they are genuine and current, with support for over 16,000 ID types from 200 countries. Leveraging advanced anti-fraud technology, we perform identity checks in seconds, including liveness detection to match faces with ID photos. We provide a seamless and secure way to reduce fraud and confirm the identity of applicants quickly and accurately.


Our Income Verification process efficiently gathers both gross and net income information through documents uploaded by applicants, such as pay stubs, bank statements, W-2s, or 1099 forms. Utilizing AI-powered Fraud Risk analysis, we meticulously scan these documents for signs of fraud, including tampering and inconsistencies, ensuring the data's integrity. We allow for instant verification of employment and income details, supporting a wide range of workers from traditional employment to the gig economy. Additionally, we provide direct access to detailed income breakdowns from connected bank accounts, offering a comprehensive view of an applicants' income history and streams.

Asset Balances

Our Asset Balance collection is designed to assess an applicants' financial qualifications by analyzing their asset data. We generate personalized Asset Reports for each applicants, offering a detailed snapshot that includes identity verification, transaction history, account balances, and additional financial insights. This thorough evaluation helps determine if a applicants possesses the necessary assets to meet qualification criteria.

Credit History

We aggregate detailed credit reports from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax to offer a holistic view of consumer and business credit histories. By incorporating data from multiple bureaus, we address regional and market coverage variations, enhancing credit risk assessments. Our advanced machine learning algorithms analyze key credit factors, such as scores, negative item counts, and outstanding balances, to pinpoint risk levels among potential tenants.

Legal Background Check

We provide an exhaustive exploration of the applicants' legal history, leveraging records from corrections departments, courts, and registries to detail criminal activities including felonies, misdemeanors, and more. It also extends to civil records, identifying evictions, suits, liens, and judgments over the past seven years across the U.S., including detailed case and court information. Bankruptcy filings for individuals and businesses are tracked through U.S. Federal Bankruptcy courts, with daily updates for comprehensive financial background assessments.

Social Media

Our AI-powered social data analysis delves into the depths of online profiles across major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and over 100 others. Our system don't just skim through profiles, it dives deep, offering an in-depth, holistic view of an individual's digital persona. By analyzing the intricacies of their online interactions and content, we unveil the true essence of who they are and their character.

The Screening System of the Future


Achieve a 63% annual reduction in bad debt & evictions.

Reduce Bad Debt & Evictions

Reduce bad debt and evictions with our direct-source verification process that eliminates fraud and protects your rental income.


save 94% of your time with our automated screening system

Reclaim Your Time

Automate document handling and verification to liberate your team from tedious manual screening tasks and reclaim valuable time.


Save $112 Per Unit Annually by Preventing Costly Evictions

Eradicate Application Fraud

Instantly verify identity, income, assets, credit history, criminal records, evictions, bankruptcies, and civil records with our screening system.

Streamline Your Path to Exceptional Tenants

Applicant Submits

Their Information

Social Media


ID Verification

Income Verification

Asset Balances

Credit Report

Criminal Records

Evictions, Bankruptcies

& Civil Records

Criminal Records & Sex Offender Search

Evictions, Bankruptcies & Civil Records

Social Media Analysis

Financial & Behavioral Risk Analysis

Full Credit Report

Asset Balances

Income Verification

Identity Verification

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Tenant Screening Made Simple.
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TRACT eliminates application fraud and makes tenant screening easy. Our platform provides deep insights into applicants, making decisions faster and clearer.